A406 is an on-going project that aims to capture the areas directly surrounding the North Circular road. Inspired initially by walking past the Ladderswood estate near New Southgate and the Friern Bridge Retail park.

Curtis house stood partly demolished across from the smaller of 2 industrial estates. The top corner of the 12-storey tower block had been smashed off revealing multiple sections of paint of the previous tenants rooms and bathrooms.

The area, which sits at the junction between the A406 and the A109, is now subject to a huge redevelopment aimed at supplying over 500 new homes (70% private 30% affordable) to replace the estates previous 161 homes in a bid to regenerate the area. 1

The A406 is notorious as the causation for urban decay and has a poor record as the most polluted stretch in the capital and remains an accident blackspot2 and several London borough council’s have set up regeneration projects to improve the environment for communities surrounding the North Circular. 3

The project begins on the stretch of road between Colney Hatch Lane and the A109.

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The project is split into 2 sections: